faq & terms

How do I know if an item is the right size?
We try our best to measure each item accordingly (in cm), you can find these measurements in the item description. Here we also provide the original size as stated on the items tag.

Our recommended size can be found in the item titel, note this is a recommendation and you can not keep us accountable.

Please make sure items fit before buying, best way is to measure and compare our sizes with comparable items in your wardrobe.

What payment methods can I use?
We accept ideal, paypal and creditcards.

How can I contact you?
A DM on Instagram or a message on Whatsapp is preferred. We also have email but we're super slow with answering. We speak Dutch and English.

I don't like online shopping or want to try an item first, can I visit you?
Yes, but only for our more premium items. Appointment only, contact us.

Can I tag or promote your shop on social media?
Fuck yes. Please do, we would love that.

Why do you sell items with fades, holes or stains?
Imperfection is perfection and - in our opinion - can add lots of character to an item. We love those fades, holes and stains you’re talking about. Trashed and distressed to absolute perfection.

What is a bootleg and why do you sell it?
Bootleg items are counterfeit items made in the 90s. Compared to the brands own items, these are often wilder and more outrageous in design and branding. This makes them highly sought after and very unique. Recently brands like Gucci and Tommy Hilfiger even inspired new collections on bootleg aesthetics. 

When an item is bootleg it is always stated in the title, all other items are guaranteed authentic.

Why should I buy vintage clothing?
Mass produced clothing is boring and bad for the environment. Re-using is the way. Also, all our items are unique and hard to find one offs, you'll buy a piece of history. Invest now.

Can I borrow clothes for a shoot or production?
Maybe, when credited. Uncredited our items are for rent. Mail us plz.

Can you delete (all) information you have about me?
Yes, your privacy is very important to us. Just contact us and we'll do it immediately.

Can I sell my clothes to BUYITNOW?
Yes. Read more about it here.

Can't find *insert piece of information*?
We always want to make sure your online shopping experience is 100% silky and smooth. So if you can't find a piece of information or have some advice on whatever, do not ever hesitate to contact us.